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Mainbridge has a wide variety of workwear, PPE and Safety footwear.

We specialise in providing contemporary workwear that balances comfort, versatility and aesthetics. The Mainbridge collection of Products are designed to the highest standards and offer a solution for everyday activity and working environments. Constructed with cutting edge fabrics giving superior abrasion resistance and exceptional all-day comfort. Ingenious design solutions on fastenings and pocketing systems giving unrivalled fit and security.

Whatever the workplace throws at you, you can catch it with our high-quality PPE workwear. Our wide range of PPE workwear and safety footwear is designed to keep you in the crucial comfort you need while ensuring you’re dressed in a smooth style at the same time.

You’re expected to workday in and day out, no matter what the conditions – so our workwear is designed to workday in and day out with you too. All of our products are made using the highest quality fabrics and abrasion-resistant material, ensuring they keep going for as long as you do.

Our superior blend of fabrics also means that whatever you’re doing at work, you’re doing it in the comfort you deserve.

Equipped with fastenings, pockets, and many other durable design solutions, our PPE workwear range is fit for purpose in any active workplace. We pride ourselves on being the future of PPE workwear and safety footwear, at the forefront of workplace clothing solutions.

So, whether you’re working in a warehouse, employed in engineering, or labouring with the local authorities, we’ve got you covered – from top to toe.

Check out our brochures online or contact our team today to see how we can revolutionise your working day for the better.

Ideal for the active work place.

Warehousing, engineering, construction, manufacturing, government and local authorities, utilities, transport.

Mainbridge is the future of workwear, PPE and safety footwear.

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